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Major Projects


  • Process Equipment
  • Wellheads & X-Mass Tree Equipment
  • Casing, Tubing, Line Pipes and Drill Pipes
  • Chemical Injection Packages
  • Valves & Control Instrumentation
  • Compression Packages
  • Competency Management System, Instructional Programs and E-Learning
  • Drilling Services
  • 2-D & 3-D Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing

Project: Setting-up of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Facility of 12,000 metric tons for Hospitality Services At Port Qasim, Karachi.

Project Details:
The project is to develop and construct an LPG Storage Facility at Port Qasim, having the estimated capacity of 12,000 Tons to extend reliable Storage Hospitality Services for the LPG Importers to cater for the exponentially growing LPG Imports. For that Beaver Energy (Pvt.) Ltd. outsourced the below bulleted deliverables to CIML which were successfully delivered according to Beaver Energy's satisfaction. This storage will be largest facility in Pakistan and shall have the capacity to cater not only the phenomenally increasing imports of LPG for local consumption but also be capable to support imports under CPEC for onward export to China.

Following are the project deliverables which were successfully delivered by CIML according to client’s satisfaction:

  • Meetings with Port Qasim Authorities, OGRA and negotiations with the Jetty owners
  • Prepared feasibility included but not limited to energy demand, market, technical, financial, economic factors, licensing requirements and overall project viability
  • Preparing Scope for the Engineering Consultants for gap analysis
  • Preparation of RFP for the facility for EPC quotes
  • Issuance of RFP for the storage facility for obtaining EPC quotes from international contractors
  • Undertaking Bidding process and evaluation of EPC contractors’ bids, pre and post bid clarifications, meetings etc
  • Due diligence involving foreign visits to bidders’ facilities and reference client
  • Direct negotiations with the 6 renowned multinational EPC contractors and short listing of the best options
  • Hiring of legal, tax and accounting consultants and drafting of agreements with the lessee of the facility, financier and due diligence of the applicable laws
  • Arrangement of financing options for the project
  • Identified the off-taker of the hospitality facility with negotiation for securing 10 years guaranteed full capacity usage

Project: Setting up a production facility for Fiber Cement Sheets. Plant production capacity =5,000,000 m²/year.

CIML deliverables:

  • Market Due-diligence
  • Commercial Feasibility
  • RFQ Preparation
  • Issuance of RFQ for obtaining quotes from renowned EPC contractors
  • Undertaking pre-bid and post bid clarifications
  • Technical and commercial evaluation of bids
CIML Deliverables:

  • Equipment due-diligence with regards to services scope
  • Business model development based on Pakistan’s market